• February 8, 2017

A new chapter

A new chapter

We’re excited to confirm that Momondo Group, as reported, has signed an agreement to be acquired by The Priceline Group, lead by KAYAK.

Our journey to this point has been an incredible adventure. We’re very proud that our team, products and the momentum behind our brands have been recognised in this way, and now have the chance to contribute to the growth of the KAYAK family. As admirers of what The Priceline Group has achieved, we believe that we’ll be in good hands to make the most of our strengths, assets and passion, in jointly making online travel better for everyone. In particular, they have an amazing track record of international expansion, data lead decision making and smarts, that will help to build on what we have achieved so far.

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A lot of people have got us to this point, not least our amazing team over the years, our mentors – including those at Naked & Restless – our investors along the way and Great Hill Partners, the US private equity firm who bought us in 2014. Their unwavering support has been an inspiration.

Once the nuts and bolts of the sale are completed, users across all three brands will see many improvements as our teams share features, insights, and key learnings. It’s very much business as usual in the meantime, though.

It is exciting for Momondo Group to be at this stage in its evolution, and for our brands to continue to contribute to a sector with so much potential.

It’s great for Cheapflights and momondo to be joining your family, KAYAK. Together, let’s #openourworld